Friday, October 14, 2016

Centrist Project Senate Candidates

With increasingly evolving and tumultuous times, Americans keep innovating.

Breakthroughs are happening all around us. So how has our Country’s strongest foundational entity become the exception?

Congress is at a crossroads: two parties, zero results. We must break through political gridlock.

Welcome to the Centrist Project, a movement of innovators primed to bring real change to this Country. Fueled by a tangible strategy that will swing the vote in order to balance the power in Congress. It will ensure the decisions made in Congress represent real people and enable changes that are right for our Nation, not right for a Party.

And all it takes is FIVE.

Five Independent, Centrist Senators with rational principles like fiscal responsibility and social tolerance. The five who will drive meaningful change that not only benefits, but unites, our Country, today and tomorrow.

No matter who wins the Presidency, they will have a tough time with Congress. Breaking the log jam will take fresh ideas from those not bound by Republican or Democratic dogma.

As Alan LaPolice, Independent candidate for House (Kansas, 1st district) said: “How do we solve this? We elect people who actually serve people.”

Their current Candidates: Racing for the Finish Line with Increasing Voter Support

Margaret Stock, Independent candidate for Senate in Alaska, just received the formal endorsement from former Alaska Senator Mark Begich, adding to an impressive list of endorsements to date. Margaret continues to make inroads across the political spectrum. Even the AK Democratic Party is starting to speak publicly about why Stock is a good choice.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Margaret Stock.

In New York, House candidate Martin Babinec (NY-22) demonstrates that Independents aren’t spoilers, they are strong, viable choices for voters. Recent polling has Babinec at 24%, with his opponents at 30% and 35%, starting from 0% name recognition for Babinec at the outset of the race. That means he's well poised to win. He’s not a "spoiler" candidate, he's pulling support from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, in nearly equal measure, and has strong support across the geographically diverse district. Politico called this a "rare opportunity for third party win" in this region.

CLICK HERE to learn more about on Martin Babinec.

I am a member of the Centrist Project.

Our candidates could use passionate centrists to mobilize voters in their regions.

How can you help?

You can volunteer to make calls, write letters to the editor, donate, and spread the word. Without the built in machinery of the Parties, these candidates rely on supporters’ help.

As a result, they are beholden to the voters, NOT Party bosses or big corporate PACs.

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NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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