Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Fix is In for CO Primary Reform

John Opdycke, the President of Open Primaries, a National Advocacy organization, wrote this article on Newsweek's Opinion page.

In Colorado. A diverse group of business leaders, led by DaVita CEO Kent Thiry, have come together to place two referendum on the 2016 ballot.

- Proposition 107 would create a Presidential Primary and allow independent voters to participate.

- Proposition 108 would allow independent voters, now 36% of all Coloradans and climbing, to participate in State and Federal Primaries.

The voters will have the opportunity to vote them up or down this November.

But Colorado's Democratic and Republican lawmakers, members of the State Legislative Committee tasked with creating the “Blue Book” Voter guide mailed to every Colorado voter, made the outrageous decision to alter the impartial descriptions of measures 107 and 108. They replaced the neutral language recommended by the Staff of Professionals putting the Ballot Guide together with incendiary descriptions designed to turn voters against the reforms.

The editorial Board of the Boulder Daily Camera said:

To insert biased language into the state voter guide to protect their own interests is a sad example of the myopia for which the major parties are known. We are sorry to say this, because the Blue Book is normally an indispensable aid to voters, but in this case we urge voters to ignore the Blue Book when it comes to the two open primary ballot issues and do their own research.

CLICK HERE to read the article.

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