Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Some PA Overseas Ballots Apparently Omit Libertarian Party and Contain Other Errors

Some Overseas Absentee ballots sent by Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania emitted a Presidential Party's candidates and also contained other error.

- Libertarian Party name and their President and Vice-President candidates Johnson and Weld is omitted.

- The Constitution Party Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates, Darrell L. Castle and Scott N. Bradley, is listed as being from the Conservative Party.

- It contained the wrong Vice-President candidate for the Green Party. The stand-in, Charles Sherroue is listed, instead of the actual Vice-Presidential nominee, Ajamu Baraka.

The County has apologized and says it has sent out corrected ballots to all the voters who received the faulty ballots.

Indiana County disclosed they made the same error.

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