Friday, September 16, 2016

Political Revolution In My Backyard

This is from an email from Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director of Democracy for America.

Thousands of Democracy for America (DFA) members across the Country gathered at more than 220 "The Brainwashing of My Dad" watch parties to learn about the devastating influence of the right-wing media. And they joined a special strategy call with Progressive champion Rep. Donna Edwards and filmmaker Jen Senko to learn about how we can fight back.

There are only 7 weeks left until Election Day. The GOP's media machine is doing everything it can to clear the way for a Donald Trump Presidency and an even more radical right-wing Congress, and their tactics are working.

Polls released by CNN this week show Trump and other Republicans gaining huge ground in critical Swing States.

Establishment Democrats think they can win this year by pandering to middle-of-the-road Republicans, but we know that is NOT the answer. Democrats won't win without the enthusiastic support of the young, passionate base that voted in State after State for Bernie Sanders and DFA is focused on turning them out for Progressive Champions up and down the ballot this November.

Now, we're launching "Political Revolution In My Backyard", a grassroots initiative to send thousands of members into the streets to knock on doors and make phone calls to help Progressives win in November.

This week, the Political Revolution in My Backyard team is launching on-the-ground training's in critical Get Out The Vote (GOTV) skills for hundreds of top organizers in battlegrounds from Washington to North Carolina. And, every day, we're finding and training new DFA Electoral Team Coordinators in important Districts across the Country, working hand-in-hand with our endorsed Campaigns to build for a massive National Day of action on October 8.

It's going to take a real political revolution to beat Trump, elect progressives nationwide, and drive transformation of the Democratic Party from the bottom-up. Fortunately, the energy and spirit that animated Bernie Sanders's Campaign is alive and well at DFA and we are uniquely positioned to keep building the political revolution by connecting activists and leaders with progressive down-ballot candidates.

Through ongoing on-the-ground voter contact activities, our DFA Dialer program and more, we are ready to end Republican control of Congress by winning in battleground states like North Carolina, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Nevada and sending Progressive superstars like Pramila Jayapal, Zephyr Teachout, Morgan Carroll, and Nanette Barragan to Washington. We're also working hard to win back Democratic State Legislative majorities from Washington to Colorado, and to deeply transform City governments all over the Country.

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