Friday, September 9, 2016

NY Races to Watch in State Legislative Primaries

William Fowler article in The Gotham Gazette describes the upcoming New York State Primaries.

With State Legislative Party Primaries rapidly approaching, there are several races New Yorkers should keep a close eye on, both in the City and across the State, including some that could play key roles in deciding majority power in the State Senate, which is currently under Republican leadership.

The September 13 vote in some races, especially in Democrat-heavy New York City, will likely determine the winner in November. Still other races have little competition for the Party Primaries, but will be hotly contested for the General.

With Trump’s controversial candidacy at the top of the Republican ticket in November, Democrats are hoping to tip the scales in their favor, especially in the State Senate, while Republicans across the State decide whether to embrace their Presidential nominee or not. The 63-seat New York State Senate is currently almost evenly split between Democrars and Republicans, though there are complicating factors like one Democrat who caucuses with Republicans, Brooklyn Sen. Simcha Felder, and the five-member Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), which has had a power-sharing agreement with Senate Republicans.

The 150-seat State Assembly is controlled by Democrats, who hold a vast majority, including many members from New York City, led by Speaker Carl Heastie of the Bronx.

September’s in-party match-ups will decide whose names appear on the General election ballots in November. In several cases, there are open seats where the incumbent is not seeking re-election or has already left office, these head the “races to watch,” followed closely by races in New York City where incumbents are facing competitive challenges.

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