Monday, July 25, 2016

Louisiana 2016 Primary/General Candidates

Since 1977 Louisiana elections use a Jungle Primary system, which in Louisiana has become known as "Open" Primary", where all the candidates for an office run together in one election in November.

If someone gets a majority, that individual wins outright; otherwise, the Top Two candidates, irrespective of partisan affiliation, meet in a runoff election in December.

The Jungle Primary is used for State, Parish, Municipal, and Congressional races, but is not used for Presidential elections.

Beryl Billiot - No Party
Charles Boustany - Republican
Foster Campbell - Democrat
"Joseph" Cao - Republican
Thomas P. Clements - Libertarian
Donald "Crawdaddy" Crawford Republican
David Duke - Republican
Derrick Edwards - Democrat
Caroline Fayard - Democrat
John Fleming - Republican
Le Roy Gillam - Libertarian
Troy Hebert - No Party
John Kennedy - Republican
Gary Landrieu - Democrat
William Robert "Bob" Lang Jr. - Other Party
"Rob" Maness - Republican
Kaitlin Marone - No Party
Charles Marsala - Republican
MV "Vinny" Mendoza - Democrat
Abhay Patel - Republican
Joshua Pellerin - Democrat
Gregory Taylor Jr. - Other Party
Arden Wells - No Party
Peter Williams - Democrat

U. S. Representative 1st Congressional District
Eliot Barron - Green
Lee Ann Dugas - Democrat
Danil Ezekiel Faust - Democrat
Howard Kearney - Libertarian
Steve Scalise - Republican (Incumbent)
Joseph "Joe" Swider - Democrat
Chuemai Yang - No Party

U. S. Representative 2nd Congressional District
Kenneth Cutno - Democrat
Samuel Davenport - Libertarian
Melvin L. "Kip" Holden - Democrat
Cedric Richmond - Democrat

U. S. Representative 3rd Congressional District
Scott A. Angelle - Republican
Bryan Barrilleaux - Republican
"Greg" Ellison - Republican
Brett Geymann - Republican
Jacob "Dorian Phibian" Hebert - Democrat
Clay Higgins - Republican
Guy McLendon - Libertarian
Larry Rader - Democrat
"Gus" Rantz - Republican
Grover Joseph Rees - Republican
Kenny P. Scelfo Sr. - No Party
Herman L. Vidrine Republican

U. S. Representative 4th Congressional District
Ralph "Trey" Baucum - Republican
Elbert Guillory - Republican
Mark David Halverson - No Party
Oliver Jenkins - Republican
"Rick" John - Republican
"Mike" Johnson - Republican
Marshall Jones - Democrat
Kenneth J. Krefft - No Party

U. S. Representative 5th Congressional District
Ralph Abraham Jr. - Republican (Incumbent)
Billy Burkette - Republican

U. S. Representative 6th Congressional District
Robert Lamar "Bob" Bell - Republican
Richard M. Fontanesi - Libertarian
Devin Lance Graham - Other Party
Garret Graves - Republican (Incumbent)
Richard Lieberman - Democrat
Jermaine Sampson - Democrat

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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richardwinger said...

Louisiana started using the "jungle primary" in 1975, but ended it in 1997, after the state lost a unanimous decision in Foster v Love in the US Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court said that federal law, since 1872, has required states to vote for Congress in November in all districts. In response, Louisiana abolished primaries. It now only has general elections, and a run-off in December if no one gets 50%. Everyone in Louisiana runs in November, which is the election itself.

mhdrucker said...

Thanks for the update. Some of this post came from the state's Board of Elections website.

richardwinger said...

The Secretary of State handles elections in Louisiana. Did you mean the SOS web page?

mhdrucker said...

I think I used info from and other sites then the SOS site.