Thursday, July 21, 2016

FEC Wants to Know About Super PAC Expenses When Candidate’s Husband is Only Donor

Potomac-based National Security consultant Amie Hoeber is continuing to put her money where her mouth is when it comes to her bid to oust Democratic Rep. John Delaney this fall. The same goes for her husband, Mark Epstein, a former Telecommunications Company Executive.

Since winning an eight-way Primary for the District 6 Republican nomination in late April, Hoeber has donated $210,000 in personal funds to her campaign, according to a filing late last week with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). That comes on top of the $350,000 in personal loans and a $2,000 donation Hoeber made to the campaign during her successful Primary run, bringing to $562,000 the total she has contributed or loaned to her candidacy.

Meanwhile, Epstein in early June put $300,000 into Maryland USA, an “independent expenditure” committee created late last year to promote Hoeber’s candidacy—bringing to more than $500,000 the amount that the couple has laid out over the past couple of months alone. Epstein’s latest contribution is relatively modest when compared to the $2.1 million he had previously donated to Maryland USA, a so-called Super PAC, since it was created a year ago.

Since the beginning of the campaign, Hoeber and Epstein have put nearly $3 million of their own money into the campaign, in the form of donations to Hoeber’s Candidate Committee or the Maryland USA Super PAC. So far, Hoeber’s Campaign Committee has reported just a little over $200,000 in contributions from outside donors. But the pace of her outside fundraising appears to be picking up: She reported taking in more than $75,000 from individuals and political committees between April and June, most of it following her victory in the April 26 primary.

CLICK HERE to read the two page (PDF) letter from the FEC requesting detail documentation on the super PAC contributions.

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