Monday, April 18, 2016

Was NYS Redistricting Used to Eliminate Sheldon Silver Rival?

In one of the more bizarre redistricting stories to be reported in recent decades, the New York Post reports today that former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver used the Assembly's 2012 Redistricting plan to eliminate a rival from office who he alleged was having a relationship with another Assembly Member Silver was also seeing.

According to the news story, "crooked ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver ended the career of a fellow pol — because the man had an affair with the powerful Manhattan Democrat’s mistress," sources told The Post.

Silver was so jealous of then-Assemblyman Dan Burling carrying on with then an Assemblywoman, represented Staten Island’s East Shore and a part of Brooklyn from 2007 to 2010, that he forced his romantic rival out of office through a redistricting scheme, sources said.

He engineered the drawing of new lines around Burling’s upstate district in 2012, said well-placed sources on both sides of the aisle in Albany.

As part of the court unsealing documents in Silver's case, while he was Speaker, he had affairs with two women entrenched in Albany politics.

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