Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Messy Solvable Reasons Americans Don't Vote

Michael Keller and Yvette Romero wrote this interactive article, "The Definitely Messy, Probably Solvable Reasons Americans Don't Vote" on Bloomberg Politics.

Americans are less likely to exercise their right to vote than citizens of many other democracies.

The result is millions of lost voters—people who are eligible and may even be registered, but don’t show up.

In 2012, 56.5 percent of voting-age Americans cast a ballot, according to the U.S. Census.

It’s not because people in the U.S. aren’t paying attention to the Presidential race, good luck trying to avoid it.

So what’s keeping them from the ballot box? After every election, the Census asks hundreds of thousands of Americans whether they voted, and if they didn't, to explain why.

The article covers:

- High and Low earners can't get to the polls.
- The elderly need assistance.
- Registration could be a lot easier.
- How many lost voters are there in your state?

CLICK HERE to read and interact with the article.

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