Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Nevada's GOP Voters Could Participate in Democratic Caucus

Nevada has a closed caucus system, only Democrats can participate on Feb. 20 and only Republicans on Feb. 23.

But because of a quirk in the system, Republicans could vote in both caucuses.


Republicans closed their registration rolls on Feb. 13 and that is the file that will be used on Feb. 23.

Democrats are allowing same-day registration on Saturday, Feb. 20.

So, a Republican registered by Feb. 13 could show up at a Democratic caucus site on Saturday, switch to the Democratic Party, vote and then still participate on Tuesday because the party switch would not show up on the GOP caucus rolls.

it's also true that mischievous Democrats could have registered GOP by Feb. 13 and could vote in both caucuses as well.

Clark County Voter Registrar Joe Gloria confirmed Monday that this could happen. He also pointed out that the Republican-become-Democrat could switch back to the GOP in time to vote in the June Primary.

Once again, the Nevada Republican Party's decision to go on a different day and not allow same-day registration comes back to open this possibility.

The obvious mischief would be a bunch of Republicans doing this to try to skew the caucus toward Bernie Sanders.

Then again, it may just be a loophole no one has thought to exploit.

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