Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is New York Ready for Instant Runoffs?

After this year's election, the main story seemed to be the outcome of the mayor's race and the future of the city for the next four years. Under the radar, however, another storyline developed following the city's primary runoff on Tuesday, Sept. 15 -- called to choose the Democratic nominees for two citywide offices. The abysmally low turnout and high cost of the runoff election -- to the tune of $15 million -- left some wondering, is it really worth it?

Some state legislators are now focused on ways to improve runoff elections, including instant runoff voting, also known as IRV and ranked choice voting.

Use the above link to read the article by DeNora Getachew, the director of public policy and legislative counsel and Andrea Senteno, the program associate for Citizens Union Foundation, which publishes Gotham Gazette.

Michael H. Drucker
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Peter said...

Yes, we're ready!

Did you know it's being used to pick best picture for the Oscars this winter?

Michael Drucker said...

Yes, I know about the new voting for the Oscars.