Thursday, July 12, 2018

North Carolina’s Early Voting Changes

The New North Carolina Measure, which will take effect for the upcoming Midterm Elections, requires every Early Voting Site in the State to stay Open 12 hours a Day each Weekday, in addition to any Weekend Hours.

By Mandating such a large number of Hours, the New Rule will make it prohibitively Expensive for some Counties to operate Early Voting Locations.

Because the Law was Passed very late in the Legislative Session, after many Counties set their Election Budgets, many smaller Counties will likely be required to Close Early Voting Locations so they don’t overspend.

Is this another Voter Suppression Problem?

What makes this Law so devious is that, unlike previous efforts to Curtail Voting on the basis of Voter Fraud or Impersonation, it is Cloaked in Technical Language that appears to Promote Voting Rights. “The state has put this forward in kind of masked terms,” said Emily Seawell, an Attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union’s North Carolina Chapter.

Despite the Subterfuge, the End Result likely won’t differ from previous outcomes orchestrated by the North Carolina GOP.

It will Shut Down Early Voting and prevent Black Voters from Casting Ballots.

CLICK HERE to read the three page (pdf) Changes.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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