Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Election Security Report

Democrats on the House Administration Committee on Thursday Released a New Report on States' Preparedness on Election Security.

The Report analyzes States' Current Election Infrastructure, the Money allotted to them by Congress to make Election Security Upgrades, and their Plans for Election Security going forward.

It labels the Five States that rely Exclusively on Voting Machines that do not Produce a Paper Trail that can be Audited as among those with the "most serious" Vulnerabilities in regards to Election Security.

The Report concludes that it will Cost substantially more than the $380 Million allocated by Congress to Secure State Voting systems from potential Cyber Sabotage.

"While this money is a useful down payment, we have found that it will cost an additional $1.4 billion over ten years for states to be able to take all the steps required to secure their election systems," the Report says.

CLICK HERE to read the 16 page (pdf) Report.

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