Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump Repeals National Ocean Policy Opening Seas to More Industrial Uses

On Tuesday, Trump Signed an Executive Order Repealing Protections for the Oceans and Great Lakes. Trump’s Executive Order gives Priority to Ocean Industry and particularly Oil and Natural Gas Drilling. The Order Encourages more Drilling and other Industrial Uses of the Oceans and Great Lakes.

This follows Executive Orders that Trump has already issued which Destroyed the Stream Protection Rule, allowing Coal Mines to Dump Waste into Streams and Rivers. Trump has Removed Funding for Environmental Programs that Protect the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay in every one of his Budgets. For 2019, Trump’s Budget would remove All Funding for the Gulf of Mexico, San Francisco Bay, the Everglades, And Long Island Sound.

And that’s just the start of a Long List. After cutting 100% of Funding for the Great Lakes in his first Proposed Budget, Trump has compromised this year, cutting it by 90%.

All of this goes on top of suspending the Waters of the United States Rule, which Protected Large Lakes, Wetlands and the Streams that Fed them. That Change, made back in January, Removed the Primary Means of Protection from about 60% of the Waters in the Country. Trump has systematically Removed Environmental Protection from every Pond, Stream, River, Lake, Great Lake, Bay, Gulf, and Sea Shore that touches the United States, as well as Protection for the Oceans beyond our Borders. He’s pressing for the “industrial use” of the Ocean at a time when the Weight of Plastics in the Seas threatens to Outweigh that of All Fish, and Thousands of Oil and Gas Wells are being Drilled on Land across the Nation. After all this, Trump still insists that he Supports “Clean, Clean Water” but, where does he think that Water comes from?

The Policy that Trump Revoked on the Oceans on Tuesday was written by President Obama following the BP Oil Disaster in 2010. It was Designed to Protect against similar occurrences, and Established a Commission to Review Policy and Projects that impacted the Ocean and Great Lakes. Trump’s Executive Order Rescinds that Policy and Abolishes the Council. The Action is getting Cheers from Republicans.

Rob Bishop: President Trump’s Action will Help the Health of our Oceans and ensure Local Communities impacted by Ocean Policy have a Seat at the Table. That touching Statement comes from the Republican Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee. However, Bishop is a Representative from Utah, which is Home to many Oil and Gas related Companies, but notably lacking in Sea Coast.

The Statement that he’s making is just a Variant of what’s been in each of Trump’s Statement that the “Regional” issues of Water Quality are best “left to local communities.” Communities that have No Authority to Regulate many Threats to Water Quality, and certainly don’t have the Power to Stop the Industrialization of the Oceans. Trump has managed to do what he always does: Take a bad situation, and find the way to push it into Disaster.

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