Thursday, June 21, 2018

NYC Council Member 5th District Accomplishments Review

It has been Four years, Five Months, and Twenty Days since Ben Kallos (D-5th District) began Serving as a New York City Council Member.

Here is a List of Some Passed Legislation:


Prohibiting Outside Income (Law 20 of 2016) – The City Council now works Full Time for the People without the Influence of other Sources of Income.

Eliminating “Legal Bribery” (Res. 980 of 2016) – Former Speakers used to Reward Council Member Allies with Payments in Lieu of Compensation, or “Lulus,” a Practice that the Daily News called “Legal Bribery.” His Resolution Banned it from the City Council.


- Closing Campaign for One New York Loophole (Law 181 of 2016, Co-Sponsor) – By Limiting Contributions to Non-Profits Controlled by Elected Officials and Disclosing Donors.

Quelling Special Interests Dollars (Law 167 of 2016) – By Ending the Practice of Matching Funds Bundled by Lobbyists and Special Interests with Public Dollars.

Early Public Fund Payments (Law 168 of 2016) – To help Campaigns that take Public Dollars get on the Ballot and Reach Voters.

Better Debates (Law 169 of 2016) – By Only including Campaigns that are Spending Money to Win.


Voter Information Portal (Law 65 of 2016) – Will Empower Voters to Track an Absentee Ballot, find Poll Site Location, View Ballots, and Verify Registration Status, and that Votes were Counted.

Pro-Voter Law Expansion (Law 63 of 2014) - Requires 25 City Agencies to Provide Voter Registration Forms and Assist Individuals with Completing them, so Everyone gets Registered.

Online Voter Guide (Law 43 of 2014) - Saving the Environment and Money, while Increasing Access to Information in Off-Year Uncontested Elections.

Save Paper and Money on Voter Guide (Law 170 of 2016) – By Allowing Voters to Opt-Out of Receiving Mailers.

Same Day and Online Registration Advocacy (Res. 1061 of 2016) – To Pass State Constitutional Amendment.

Teens on Community Boards (Res. 115 of 2014) – Opens Community Boards to our Best and Brightest 16- and 17-year-olds.


Open Legislation (Res. 184 of 2014, Co-Sponsor) – As part of the Council’s Rules Reform Process, Provided Language Requiring Posting Legislation Online and Public Engagement.

Open Mapping (Law 108 of 2015) - Standardizes Address and Geospatial Information so Open Data has Location Information.

Law Online (Law 37 of 2014, Co-Prime Sponsor) – Puts City’s Law Online for Search, Download, and View.

City Record Online (Law 38 of 2014) – Public Notices from the City, previously Published in a Daily Newspaper, are now Online and fully Searchable so you can Learn what is happening in your Community.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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