Thursday, June 28, 2018

CO Primary with Unaffiliated Voters Turnout Hits Record Numbers

In 2016, Colorado Voters Approved Propositions 107 & 108, which gave Unaffiliated Voters the Opportunity to Vote in Colorado and Presidential Primary Elections, without Affiliating with a Specific Primary, creating a Semi-Closed Primary.

With this year's Primary being the First for Unaffiliated Voters in the State, it made for a Record Breaking year for Primary Turnout in the State.

More than One Million Colorado Voters turned in their Ballots for Tuesday's Primary.

In El Paso County alone, more than 100,000 Ballots were turned in, breaking the previous record of 86,000 for a Primary in the County.

Unaffiliated Voters who didn't specify which Party's Ballot they'd like to receive were Mailed Both Major Party Ballots, but could only turn in One for their Vote to Count.

According to Secretary of State Spokesperson Lynn Bartels, Early Results show an Error Rate of 2.2% for Unaffiliated Voters, when Experts initially Projected a 7% Error Rate for the New System.

This year's Election brings a few Variables that could Contribute to the more than a Million Voters turning in their Ballots.

Several High Profile Races were put on the Ballot this time around including:

- Open Seat for Governor

- Congressional Seats

- Many County Races

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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