Thursday, August 17, 2017

Colorado Independents Shatter Voter Registration Record

Voter Registration in Colorado hit a Record High recently, and it is Independent Voters who are driving the surge.

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams reported Monday that over 25,000 New or Returning Voters have Registered since June 28th. The boost in Voter Registration was mostly provided by unaffiliated Voters, who made up nearly 14,000 New or Returning Voters.

Registered Unaffiliated Voters currently make up the Largest voting Bloc in the State, outnumbering the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

Unaffiliated Voters can now participate in crucial Statewide and Presidential Primaries after Propositions 107 and 108 were Approved by Voters in 2016.

Independents can choose between a Republican and Democratic Primary Ballot.

The Recorded number of Registered Independent Voters now have a greater say in who ends up Representing them in Statewide and Federal Elections.

Active Reported Voter Registration as of July 2017:

UAF (Independents) = 1,187,916
DEM (Democratic Party) = 1,046,823
REP (Republicans) = 1,041,051
LBR (Libertarian Party) = 39,408
GRN (Green Party) = 11,391
ACN (American Constitution Party) = 10,670
UNI (Unity Party) = 909

Total = 3,338,177

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richardwinger said...

No record concerning the number of independent voters in Colorado was shattered. The headline is very misleading. There have been more independents than members of any party in Colorado since 2015. The only record broken is the number of registered voters is higher than at any time in the past, but that is not a surprise because Colorado has been gaining population at a rapid clip.