Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Straight-Ticket Voting Systems Decline

Thanks to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News for this post.

States continue to repeal Straight-Ticket Voting devices.

On May 5th, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed HF 516, which repeals their Voting device.

On May 20th, the Texas Legislature passed HB 25, which repeals their Voting device. Governor Greg Abbott has until June 20th to decide whether to sign or veto it. He is leaning on signing.

In Michigan, the State repealed their Voting device in early 2016, but then some Voters filed a Federal Lawsuit arguing that repeal discriminates against Black Voters. A Federal Court ordered the State to leave the devise in place pending a future Trial. On May 4th, the Michigan House passed HB 4177, which deletes Ballot Logos. If HB 4177 is signed into Law, that will help the State win the Lawsuit and eliminate the Voting devise. Without the Party Logos, Voters will not be able to determine who belongs to a Party and cannot circle a top Party Logo to indicate the Voter is selecting all those Party Candidates.

Besides Michigan, the only other States with these Voting Devices, assuming the Texas Repeal is signed, are: Alabama. Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Utah. All have Republican Majorities in their State Legislature.

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