Friday, May 26, 2017

Republican Charged With Assault Wins in Montana

Republican Businessman Greg Gianforte won a special House Election in Montana, just one day after being charged with Assault for allegedly body slamming a Reporter who asked him about repealing Obamacare.

The Congressman-to-be still faces an Assault charge, he’s slated to appear in Court before June 7th and faces either a Fine of up to $500 or, in the most drastic case, up to six months in Jail.

This win was narrower than originally expected but welcome news for Republicans.

The Results:

Greg Gianforte (R) - 189,473, 50%
Rob Quist (D) - 166,483, 44%
Mark L. Wicks (L) - 21,509, 6%

Total Votes Cast = 377,465 of 700,428 Registered Voters, for a 54.22% Turnout.

Of the total Vote cast, more than 260,000 were Early Votes, almost 70%, before the assault incident. What is interesting about this vote is, Montana does not let a Voter change their Absentee or Early vote. So going to the poll and changing your vote would not count.

Another interesting issue is the News coverage. Where was the reporting on the fact that there was a Third Candidate, the Liberian Wicks, that would affect the vote.

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