Friday, May 5, 2017

NJ Gov. Vetoes Bill to Require Presidential Candidates to Reveal Tax Returns

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has Conditionally Vetoed a Bill, S3048/A4520, aimed at getting President Trump to release his Tax Returns, calling it a "transparent political stunt masquerading as a bill."

The Bill would require Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates to release their Income Tax Returns in order to get on the Ballot in New Jersey starting in 2020.

In would prohibit Electors from Voting for Presidential Candidates if they did not comply.

In his Conditional Veto on Monday, the Governor said the Measure was Unconstitutional and was introduced because the Democratic-controlled Legislature was unable to cope with the Results of November's Election.

New Jersey was the first of at least 20 States considering similar Legislation to send a Bill to its Governor's desk for consideration.

The Chairman of the State Assembly’s Judiciary Committee, Democrat John McKeon, called Christie’s comments “grandstanding and childish rhetoric. This much is clear – Governor Christie is obsessed with protecting and showing allegiance to President Trump,” McKeon added in a statement. “Sad!”

The State Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Loretta Weinberg, said Voters “deserve to know what financial ties and interests candidates for the presidency and vice presidency have, including with other countries.”

to read the 12 page (pdf) message.

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