Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued By FBI's Russia Investigation

Federal Prosecutors have issued Grand Jury Subpoenas to Associates of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn seeking Business Records, as part of the ongoing probe of Russian meddling in last year's Election.

The Subpoenas represent the first sign of a significant Escalation of Activity in the FBI's broader Investigation begun last July into possible ties between Trump Campaign Associates and Russia.

The Subpoenas issued in recent weeks by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Alexandria, Virginia, were received by Associates who worked with Flynn on Contracts after he was forced out as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014.

Investigators have been looking into possible wrongdoing in how Flynn handled Disclosures about Payments from Clients tied to Foreign Governments including Russia and Turkey.

The Flynn Inquiry is one piece of the broader Investigation is led jointly by the Alexandria U.S. Attorney's Office and the Justice Department's National Security Division.

Congressional Investigators have also accused Flynn of possibly Breaking the Law by not properly disclosing a $45,000 payment for an appearance he made at an event in Moscow to celebrate Russia Today. The Russian Government-Funded RT News outlet that U.S. Intelligence Agencies say played a key role in Disseminating Stolen Emails intended to damage the Candidacy of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Flynn's Lawyer, Robert Kelner, has said that Flynn was not hiding anything, noting that he briefed the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) on his trip to Russia. "As has previously been reported, General Flynn briefed the Defense Intelligence Agency, a component agency of DoD, extensively regarding the RT speaking event trip both before and after the trip, and he answered any questions that were posed by DIA concerning the trip during those briefings," Kelner said in a statement.

U.S Attorney Dana Boente, whose office issued the Subpoenas, is also leading the Investigation into WikiLeaks and the effort to bring possible Charges against the Group's founder, Julian Assange. Boente is also acting as Head of the Justice Department's National Security Section.

Investigators have been investigating Flynn's Business ties after he left the Government and before he joined the Trump Administration.

Flynn's Problems:

1. By not updating his Security Clearance Documents, the original is good for five years, but an update is required each year to reflect new actions. A new more detail report was required when he was elected to be National Security Advisor. The penalty is loss of the Security Clearance.

2. Violating the Constitution's Emoluments Clause while a retired Lieutenant General by accepting money from the Russian Television Network RT and the Turkey Government as a Foreign Agent. The penalty is to return the money to the Government Treasury, around $600,000.

3. By not informing and registering as a Foreign Agent. This penalty is a $10,000 Fine and up to Five Years in Jail.

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