Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dallas TX Tabulation Delay and Allegations About Ballot Fraud

Dallas County, Texas Election Supervisor Toni Pippins-Poole said Officials saw a flood of Mail-in Ballots, 776, requested by the same Person who Signed the Return Envelope as assisting the person who cast the votes. “That was a red flag for us, and that’s why we about three or four weeks ago decided to involve the district attorney,” Pippins-Poole said. “Some did and some did not,” she said. “All of them didn’t understand that that was an option that they should do.”

Opening the first of the Mail-in Ballots Monday, Members of a Signature Review Board compared Signatures on the Ballot Return Envelope to the initial Mail-In Ballot Application to see if they matched.

But the Election Supervisor confirmed that some Members did not take the extra step of comparing those Signatures to the Voter Registration Application to see if the Mail-In Ballot was sent to and completed by the actual Registered Voter.

"Yesterday's work, we don't know if those were true and authentic," said Jose Plata, an Observer for City Councilwoman Monica Alonzo's Campaign. "If I was a judge I'd be very upset."
Plata is a former Dallas County Elected Official himself, serving from 1995 to 2001 as a Dallas Independent School District Trustee. "Our problem with these ballots is that someone forged names. They forged it on the ballot. They forged it on the application," Plata said.

The Election Supervisor said final tabulations of the Mail-in-Ballots will not be released until the Dallas County District Attorney's Office approves, hat could happen today.

"We have tried to do the best we can to make sure those voters votes do count. And we want to make sure that those individuals have done something fraudulently, that those individuals are prosecuted for doing that," Pippins-Poole said.

Some results from Saturday's Elections are still not clear. The second and third place Candidates behind Alonzo for June's Dallas City Council Run-Off Election are separated by just 48 votes. Final results for close Dallas ISD and Grand Prairie City Council races also depend on the Mail-in-Ballot votes.

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