Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Brand New Congress's Five New Candidates

Brand New Congress is recruiting incredible people to run for Congress in 2018 in a Unified Campaign behind a single plan to fix our Government and our Country.

They want a Congress that looks like America. They want selfless Leaders from all walks of life and all areas of our economy and society, representing every community, people who:

- Trusted & Respected. Are already trusted and respected in their communities with a reliable and steady track record of service in their jobs, neighborhoods, religious organizations, charities, etc.

- Leadership Skills. Are exceptionally good at what they currently do. They also have the natural skills that will make them good candidates against experienced incumbents — good public speaker, keen intellect to grasp of all the major issues affecting their district.

- Steadfast and Loyal. Consistently choose to put others in front of their self interest. Will not sell out in DC, but will fight for big change and not buckle under pressure. Will not tolerate corporate or special interest influence on themselves or others.

- Empathetic. Do not have any disdain or condescension for any group of Americans and have a high level of empathy.

- Pragmatic & Optimistic. Are non-dogmatic, optimistic people who believe that if we work together we have everything we need to fix our economy, our healthcare system, our schools and our justice system.

- Not Career Politician. Have not spent a life in politics for the sake of advancing their own position. Instead they are involved in doing work that actually keeps our country going: nurses, teachers, engineers, workers, moms and dads, social workers, veterans, law enforcement, first responders, managers, etc.

They have been hard at work finding, vetting, and preparing the next round of Brand New Candidates and now are thrilled to announce them.

Michael Hepburn (FL-27) Democrat - A Miami native who grew up in Little Haiti, Michael has been a lifelong advocate for quality education, safe neighborhoods, and the environment. After college, he enjoyed a successful career with Target, Nike, and the NFL doing sports entertainment.When Barack Obama was elected, Michael took stock, and decided to do something more meaningful with his life. He went back to school to obtain his Master’s degree and became an education advocate, coaching college athletes to pursue their academic studies. Today, he serves as co-founder of his neighborhood association, volunteer with Citizens on Patrol, a DCS Youth Mentor, and a member of the Miami Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. He wants to serve the community that made him who he is by giving a voice to the undeserved communities of South Florida.

Adrienne Bell (TX-14) Democrat - Native Houstonian Adrienne Bell is a mother and grandmother who rose from humble beginnings to become her family’s first-generation college graduate while juggling a full-time job and two kids as a single parent. After 30 years with Southwestern Bell, she followed her passion into Education and went on to obtain a Master's degree. Today, Adrienne works for the largest school district in Texas and is currently pursuing a PhD in Education Administration. Though she has never run for office, she does volunteer as a community organizer helping disenfranchised voters re-engage and get to the polls. With a bold proposal for $100 billion in grants and investments, Adrienne is committed to bringing good jobs and educational opportunities to her district. Healthcare, a good education, and the opportunity to succeed. That’s what everyone deserves and it’s what Adrienne Bell will fight for as your Representative.

Robb Ryerse (AR-03) Republican - Robb Ryerse has been a minister for over 20 years. Today, he co-pastors Vintage Fellowship, nestled in Northwest Arkansas, with his wife Vanessa. Vintage Fellowship is a radically different kind of church that welcomes all people and is a member of OPEN, a network of progressive-leaning churches. Robb is an Eisenhower Republican who wants to help lead the party back to their roots of responsible stewardship, personal liberty and equal opportunity for all -- qualities he finds lacking in today’s Republican leadership. After serving his Arkansas community as pastor for the last 12 years, Robb is answering a different call today: The call to run for United States Congress, bringing integrity and compassion back to the halls of government.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) Democrat - Alexandria Ocasio is a veteran organizer, advocate, and entrepreneur. Born in the Bronx but raised in Westchester, she realized from a very young age that she had advantages her cousins never received, simply because she lived in a different zip code. Since graduating from Boston University, Alex has worked in West Africa helping women entrepreneurs obtain small business loans and with the National Hispanic Institute, training Latino youth to be future business leaders. Returning to the 14th, she founded Brook Avenue Press, dedicated to developing products and curriculum focused on childhood intervention and literacy. Along the way, she has worked in and advocated for workers in the hospitality industry, and helped run the Bronx office for Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign. Alex believes the 14th district has a unique ability to lead the country as home to some of the most progressive communities in America.

Anthony Clark (IL-07) Democrat - Born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois, to a working class family, Anthony Clark is a high school special education teacher and active community organizer. In the Summer of 2016, Anthony founded the Suburban Unity Alliance, an organization dedicated to combat discrimination by raising awareness and bringing suburban communities together based on common interests and community goals. He believes it’s time this country lives up to its promise of liberty and justice for all. Anthony is here to work with you in the fight for criminal justice reform, public education funding and responsible job creation. As your congressman representing Illinois’ 7th district, he will be your voice in Washington that insists healthcare is a human right and will work to fulfill your hope for a better future.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Brand New Congress.

You’ll have the chance to get to know each of our candidates in-depth at their livestream event tonight at 9pm ET.

Click here to join the livestream event at 9pm ET.

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