Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bridge Alliance Fixing a Broken Political System

Bridge Alliance is organizing a real and rising movement to fix a Broken Political System and deliver on America’s promise of Government By and For the People, with more than 70 respected, Diverse and Established organizations.

Since it’s often difficult for any one group to fully capture Public attention or broadly Popularize Solutions, they are banding together for Collective Impact across three broad areas:

- Civic Engagement: Members work from the Grassroots to the National levels. They want to improve Participation at every Level of Government and Engage Citizens across the Political spectrum in healthy, Productive Debate and Discussions.

- Governance and Policymaking: Members are working to Transform Government Decision-Making processes to include more Direct and Meaningful input from the General Public and to be more Collaborative. They also are working to Minimize or Eliminate the Influence of Big Money and personal interests in Policymaking and to Strengthen Disclosure requirements.

- Campaigns and the Election Process: Our members work to improve voter turnout, promote truth in campaigning, hold candidates accountable, empower average citizens considering running, define sensible voting districts, and educate current and future leaders on process improvements.

Bridge Alliance is a growing Movement of more than 65 Civic Action organizations working individually and together to transform the Political Terrain.

They put Country before self-interest and ask their friends, neighbors, colleagues, competitors, and Elected officials with varying Political Beliefs and backgrounds to do the same.

They provide essential Infrastructure and Investment for their Member Organizations to Connect and Collaborate on Projects that further shared goals to generate collective impact far greater than any one group could make alone.

They are initially funding more than $300,000 in Grants, with $1 million or more to follow, to support collective impact efforts for Collaboration among their Member organizations. Additional awards will be financed by the Invest America Fund, which supports the emerging Community of Political Entrepreneurs and Groups whose core Mission is to solve the Country’s toughest National problems.

These collective Impact Grants will help Bridge Alliance Member organizations more effectively collaborate to solve Civic Problems and bring Innovation to Public Policy and Process on the Local, State, and National levels.

The more than 65 organizations of the Bridge Alliance movement belong to Political Parties across the spectrum or to none at all.

They are active in Red States and Blue, in the Heartland and on the Coasts.

They actively seek to Strengthen our Political system, not discard it, so Government works more effectively for all Americans.

Their Organizations represent a combined 3 million supporters in the burgeoning field of Civic Reform and Civil Discourse. Nationwide more than one billion dollars is invested in improving Government effectiveness.

Their are committed to finding common Ground to ensure a Government that is By and For the People.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Bridge Alliance.

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