Friday, March 24, 2017

NYC Progressive Activists Push to Boot Sen. Jose Peralta from Queens Democratic Party

A Grassroots group is working on a longshot bid to kick State Sen. Jose Peralta (D-13th District) out of the Queens Democratic Party, saying his Membership in a group of renegade Democrats called the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), that votes with Republicans, is thwarting Progressive Goals.

Activists in Peralta’s District, centered in Jackson Heights, have been furious since he joined the IDC. They say the alliance is empowering Republicans to assist President Trump’s Agenda on the State level.

“We want everyone to see what’s happening,” said Jackson Heights resident Susan Kang, 36, who signed a March 1 letter urging the Democratic Organization of Queens County to eject the Lawmaker.
“We want the IDC to become a political liability,” she added.

Peralta’s already been kicked out of his Local Democratic Club. After the Petitions, the next step to expel him from the County organization would be holding a Public Hearing on the matter. A State Judge would ultimately have to validate the move.

Mike Reich, the Queens Democratic Party’s Executive Secretary, said he will review the relevant Law and Party Rules to decide whether to hold the Hearing.

Election Lawyer Martin Connor was skeptical of the bid, saying “You can’t kick anybody out of their Party for any Legislative acts they take in the Senate.

Or are the Voters of the 13th District asking for a Recall?

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