Wednesday, March 1, 2017

City Officials Try to Keep Trumps Out of Town

The Trump Organization is looking to expand its luxury hotel brand into dozens of the Nation’s major Cities because that’s where the tourists and business travelers are.

But they’re also where the strongest opposition to Trump is.

From liberal havens like San Francisco to red-state hubs like St. Louis and Dallas, Local officials have been putting the President’s namesake company on notice that it may not be welcome.

“I think that guy is an invalid human and I wish nothing but failure for him,” said Philip Kingston, a Dallas City Councilman who is against plans to build a 200-room Trump-branded hotel just blocks from City Hall. “I know that sounds kind of harsh, but I think he’s earned it. I’d hate to see him make any money in my town.”

That kind of sentiment isn’t unique to the U.S. In Vancouver, where the Trump Organization on Tuesday opens its first new hotel since the Election, the Mayor has led protests against the project. The President’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric, who control the family business while their father is in the White House, are expected to attend the ribbon-cutting in the Canadian City.

Activists are still pushing to get the Trump name removed from the building, which was planned before Trump announced his Presidential candidacy. “There’s a strong visceral reaction to the name being attached to our skyline,” Brent Toderian, Vancouver’s former Chief Planner and an opponent of the hotel, said.

With Trump now in Office, his company is shifting its focus to U.S. development because of Ethics restrictions the President and his Legal team imposed on his company precluding New International deals.

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