Friday, March 3, 2017

Americans Might Have to Get a Visa for Europe

The European Union (EU) Parliament wants to reinstate Visas for Americans traveling into the 28-Nation Bloc, arguing that the U.S. requires Citizens of five EU Member Nations to apply for an Entry Visa.

Lawmakers passed a Non-Binding Resolution on Thursday calling for the EU Commission to impose Visas on U.S. Citizens by May, ahead of the summer tourist season.

The Vote stems from a Transatlantic dispute over the fact that the U.S. currently requires Citizens of Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland to obtain Visas before visiting the U.S..

The lack of Visa reciprocity affects at least 14% of EU Citizens as well as some EU Citizens with Dual Nationality, EU lawmaker Filiz Hyusmenova said in a statement.

The Commission says that it will pursue a Diplomatic Resolution, Reuters reports, which makes it unlikely that they would act on the Vote by the May deadline.

Furthermore, if the Visa Requirement was introduced, it would be temporary, the EU says.

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