Monday, February 27, 2017

Utah House Passes Term Limits Convention

The Utah State House of Representatives voted today to Pass the Term Limits Convention by an overwhelming 45-27 vote margin.

It got support from both sides of the aisle with Republicans and Democrats working together to fix our Country.

The Resolution now moves to the State Senate for consideration.

If the Senate votes YES, Utah will officially call for the Term Limits Convention.

Term Limits on Congress can be implemented through the Article V Convention, a Constitutional tool that allows States to ratify Amendments without the permission of Congress. The Campaign will need Two-Thirds of State Legislatures passing resolutions calling for the establishment of a Term Limits Convention. Following this Convention, each member of Congress will be Term Limited through a National, Constitutional Amendment.

This is just the beginning of the 2017 efforts.

There is still the need to finish the job in Utah and get through as many State Legislatures as possible this year.

It is very encouraging that state Legislators are willing to do the job that Congress refuses to do.

That is exactly how America's Founders intended it to work.

CLICK HERE to see the States' status.

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