Wednesday, February 8, 2017

States Ranked-Choice Voting Update

This year, Legislators in 13 States have introduced Bills advancing Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) and we’ve seen interest bloom across the Country.

Coming on the heels of Maine and Benton County, Oregon’s historic Votes to adopt RCV, momentum for more Choice and a stronger Voice in our Elections is growing.

Now we need supporters like you to let Lawmakers know why you support Ranked-Choice Voting.

CLICK HERE to find out who your State Legislators are and ask them to support these laws if they are still pending.

2017 State Legislation on Ranked-Choice Voting

Arizona - HB2272: Establishes rules and procedures for Ranked-Choice Voting and specifications for Election Equipment.

Connecticut - HB 6153: Establishes Ranked-Choice Voting for federal, State, and Municipal Offices. HB 5950: Creates a study of Ranked-Choice Voting.

Georgia - SB 32: Allows Overseas Voters to use Ranked-Choice Voting Ballots in General, Special, Primary, and Run-Off Elections.

Hawaii - HB179/SB218: Establishes Ranked-Choice Voting for Special Elections for Congressional races and for the Election of Council Members in Counties. SB824: Provides Ranked-Choice method of Voting for all Partisan Primary Elections, Special Elections, and Nonpartisan General Elections.

Indiana - SB 529: Permits a Municipality to implement Ranked-Choice Voting for all Offices and permits a County to Implement Ranked-Choice Voting for all Offices.

Maryland - HB 622: Establishes an Interstate Compact to use Fair Representation Voting methods such as Ranked-Choice Voting for Congressional Elections.

Massachusetts - SD.485: Enables Cities and Towns to adopt Ranked-Choice Voting.

Missouri - SB 140: Establishes Ranked-Choice-Voting for all Local Primary Elections.

New Jersey - A1762: Enables certain Municipalities to adopt Ranked-Choice Voting.

New York - S3309: Requires Ranked-Choice Voting in all Citywide Primary Elections in New York City. S4110: Enacts the "NYC Instant Run-Off Voting Act"; requires an Instant Run-Off in any Municipal Election in New York City.

Virginia - HB 2315: Establishes Ranked-Choice Voting for State and Federal Offices.

Washington - HB 1800/SB 5267: Allows Local Jurisdictions to adopt Multi-Winner Ranked Choice voting in resolving Voting Rights Disputes. SB 5067: Allows Local Jurisdictions to adopt Multi-Winner Ranked-Choice Voting in resolving Voting Rights Disputes.

Wyoming - SF112: Established a Condorcet method of Voting using Ranked Ballots in Primary and General Elections. HB 248: Establishes a Committee that will research Alternative Electoral systems.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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