Tuesday, February 28, 2017

California Demands Details of Immigration Crackdown

As Californians become more concerned that Federal Immigration officials are targeting all Undocumented Immigrants for Deportation, rather than just those who have committed Crimes, State Legislators are demanding that the White House provide details of all current or planned Enforcement actions since Inauguration Day.

California is home to an estimated 3 million Undocumented people.

While the Trump Administration insists current operations are routine, many Communities were alarmed by perceived crackdowns and ICE raids, fearing that Citizens will be separated from their Undocumented spouses or parents.

Other Cities are creating their own definition of Crimes.

New York has a list of 170 crimes that will be used to notify ICE.

New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill had a defiant message for the President saying his officers will not enforce Administrative Warrants issued by Federal Immigration officials as a result of the expansive Deportation Policies. “It is critical that everyone who comes into contact with the NYPD, regardless of their immigration status, be able to identify themselves or seek assistance without hesitation, anxiety or fear,” O’Neill said in the sharply worded, 431-word internal memo to Police officers. “The NYPD does not conduct civil immigration enforcement. Specifically, this department does not enforce administrative warrants issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents or federal immigration judges solely in connection with civil immigration violations.” “For example, the NYPD does not arrest or detain individuals for immigration violations such as overstaying a lawfully issued visa. However, the NYPD does and will continue to honor federal immigration detainers when there is a risk to public safety.”

Under the new Immigration Rules, Undocumented Immigrants who have committed even Minor Traffic Infractions, received any Government Assistance or used Fake Social Security numbers to be able to work, common offenses among the Immigrants, could be shipped out of the Country.

So all States need to ask this important question: “What is the Administration's definition of a crime.”

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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