Sunday, February 26, 2017

Alabama Gerrymandering Case

A Federal Appeals Court ruled that Alabama, has engaged in Unconstitutional Racial Gerrymandering in at least 12 Legislative Districts to protect a Super-Majority for the Republican Party.

The ruling is a Victory for the State’s Legislative Black Caucus, which has been fighting in Court for years against Voting Maps that intentionally limit the Voting power of African Americans by packing them into as few oddly-shaped Districts as possible.

The Court ordered the State of Alabama to re-draw the Districts because they were drawn “predominantly” based on Race.

It's clear that if we don't stay on offense, the toxic effects of Gerrymandering on our Democracy will spread to even more States. Of course, there is an easy solution to this problem, and that is taking the power to draw Districts out of the hands of Partisan Politicians through Ballot Initiatives.

In light of the ruling, the Alabama House Minority Leader Craig Ford (D-Gadsden) said that exact same thing:

“Today’s ruling highlights the need to take the politics out of drawing legislative districts and instead, rely on an independent, non-partisan commission"

We need to provide the momentum so Leaders like Rep. Ford have the power of a National Grassroots Movements at their backs.

CLICK HERE for more information about Independent Lines Advocacy.

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