Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ralph Nader Says Don’t Blame Third Parties

In a New York Times Opinion Page from the Editorial Board wrote “In a Tight Race, Every Party Matters” (editorial, Sept. 27):

“the Green Party is the party of Ralph Nader, who in 2000 drained votes away from Al Gore,”.

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Ralph's reply included:

Didn’t more than 300,000 registered Democratic voters in Florida who voted for George W. Bush drain votes away from Mr. Gore?

How about Gov. Jeb Bush’s secretary of state conveniently misidentifying thousands of Floridians as ex-felons, barring them from voting, or her deceptive butterfly ballots, which drained votes from Mr. Gore?

Al Gore, who lost his home state of Tennessee, nonetheless convincingly won the national popular vote. The Electoral College took victory away from him. A political Supreme Court decision (5 to 4) stopped the Florida Supreme Court’s order for a statewide recount and selected George W. Bush as president. Blame the Green Party for those sine qua nons?

He finished with:

You should defend competitive elections with more choices instead of deriding candidates exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech, assembly and petition up against ballot access obstruction, harassment of signature-gathering petitioners and draining frivolous lawsuits.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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